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I work as a counsellor and therapist with individuals & couples. For the past fifteen years I
have been involved with people whose relationships are in crisis. I work with people seeking
to understand their relationships at home, at work or with people in general and to get the
best out of themselves and what they want in their personal or professional lives and what
they want for their relationships. I understand the huge emotional cost and burden of
carrying a dysfunctional relationship and the hope that so many people have for a
relationship that is fulfilling, mutually satisfying and intimately supportive.

Men and Emotions

I have a particular interest in working with men on emotional issues. For men in our society
it often seems as if it is wrong to have any emotion other than anger. This can be extremely
destructive to a relationship where their partner either wants them to understand what they
are feeling or wants to understand what the man in their life is feeling. All too often these
unacknowledged feelings express themselves in angry words, aggression, withdrawal or
violence which prevents either partner from getting their own fundamental needs met while at
the same time they are completely closed off from meeting their partners needs.

I have worked with couples where the man has told me "I don't have any feelings". In that
case the couple had been married for over 25 years. His wife looked at me and told me 'It's
true. He doesn't have any feelings.' I remember the joy on his face when he was able to
express his feelings and her joy when he was able to express them to her - when he was
able to be honest with himself & her about how he felt and both he and she were able to
accept each other as they were."
Barry works with people on:
Grief & Loss
Relationships & relationship breakdown
Depression, anxiety and stress
Adolescent issues
WorkCover cases
Issues around aging
Career and workplace coaching
Marriage counselling
Death and dying
Self harm

Barry is a registered WorkCover provider for people who are seeking Counselling services
under  WorkCover insurance. Please see your GP for a referral to Barry for counselling that
is to be provided under the WorkCover scheme.
I like to work with people on solutions that work for them whether it be in connection with
their relationships, their life skills, careers or workplace coaching. It is about finding
solutions that work for you.
My formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts and over the years I have completed a
Post Graduate Diploma  in Counselling as well as Master of Counselling Degree. I also have
a Masters of Public Policy.
Barry works from an Attachment basis and uses Emotionally Focused Therapy, Solution
Focused Therapy, Cognitivie Behaviour Therapy and Narrative Therapy. He always takes a
client centred approach. Please see our library page for more details on these approaches.

Working Ethically
Working in an ethical manner is important to me. As such I apply the code of ethics as
outlined by the Counsellors & Psychotherapists Association of NSW
I work with couples and individuals. Initial sessions generally go for about 75 minutes and I
get people to complete some questionnaires prior to this session. The initial session costs
$150 which includes the marking and feedback on the questionnaires.  My standard rate per
session is $130 for both couples and individuals & I offer a pensioner rate. I do like to give
back to the society that has nurtured me so offer a limited number of  sessions at a token
rate for people who are going through periods of financial hardship or need. I can only offer
this to a limited number of people at any one time, however, if you would like to enquire as
to whether any discounted sessions are available please feel free to have a chat with me
Payment is either by cash or direct debit
Contact Details: Barry works from Woronora Heights in the Sutherland Shire. Please don't
hesitate to contact him for a confidential chat about how he might be able to work with you.
Contact Barry on: 0409 419 490 or barry@shirepsych.com.au
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